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How to hook Kibitzr notification to Zapier trigger

Kibitzr is perfect for scrapping deep web, and it is even better when combined with integration solutions for the public web. One of the most popular integration platforms is Zapier. It has a free plan, that should cover personal needs.

If you don’t have Kibitzr installed, it’s a good time to get one with AWS Free Tier or GCP Always Free instance.

This tutorial will guide through a creation of basic Kibitzr check wired to Zapier trigger.

  1. Create new zap - click MAKE A ZAP! button on Zapier dashboard.

  2. For a trigger app choose Webhooks > Catch Hook.

  3. Leave Child Key empty.

  4. Copy hook URL.

  5. Add a check to kibitzr.yml:

      - name: Kibitzr release
          - jq: .info | .version
          - changes: verbose
          - zapier:

    (Replace with you zapier URL).

  6. Launch kibitzr:

  7. Make sure Trigger test passes.

  8. Add Zapier action. Let’s pick something fancy like SMS.

  9. Enter your phone number, verify code if needed.

  10. In message template choose Step 1 > Text from drop-down list.

You’re all set! Get notified on the new version of Kibitzr through SMS.